Deception Experts take on Rep. Anthony Weiner

By now you have surely participated in the nation’s “Weiner Roast” as one of our country’s public servants self destructs over weak denials regarding a lewd photo sent from his Twitter account.

Watch the video below, and you’ll see flashes of contempt, fear and a boatload of deceptive non-verbal indicators including lip puffing, lip biting, half shrugs, and at 00:17 and 2:31 excellent examples of what is known in the deception world as “duping  delight” — unconscious smiling at the prospect of “getting away with it”.

Representative Weiner, also provides an excellent lesson in statement analysis. Take a look at this detailed analysis of the script by my colleagues at QVerity – Don Tennant and Phil Houston

2 Responses to Deception Experts take on Rep. Anthony Weiner

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  2. Alan Ligthfeldt says:

    Tennant’s analysis is spot on. The representative’s press conference is full of clues that he is, at best, hiding something or, at worst, orchestrating a lie.

    Isn’t it interesting that Mr. Weiner takes a moment during the press conference to brag about his number of Twitter followers? I’d be interested to learn what that behavior suggests.