Liespotting Herman Cain

Herman Cain has accused 5 women of lying. Comedians are having a field day—yet running for President is serious business.  Lie detection experts suggest Cain is the deceptive one because:

  • He denies any wrongdoing yet blatantly nods his head “yes”  in this video. See 00:50- 01:00
  • He displays intermittent “duping delight” throughout several portions of his interview while denying the accusations.   View the first portion of the video above and you will see it throughout.
  • He uses distancing language “ the second woman”  when referring to his accusers and “we” or “you”  rather than “I” when referring to himself
  • He is awash in qualifying language that Jon Stewart masterfully highlights .  For example:  “ Do I know of any <other accusations> that might come out?”…” Not off the top of my head”
  • He issues exceptionally weak denials stating only that no one has proof of wrongdoing –as detailed in this excellent analysis by Peter Romary and my friends at QVerity
  • Rather than denying that more accusations are coming, he signals in most interviews that he expects more on the way—check out   this hilarious interview with Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel: “ If there are future firestorms will you talk about them?”

Cain: “ I will talk about any and all firestorms”

What do you think? Are there more skeletons in the closet?  Post your comments

One Response to Liespotting Herman Cain

  1. Erin Hong says:

    Watched your TED talk~~very informative and interesting! Cain is clearly lying, and with your liespotting tips, it’s even more obvious.