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Lie-spotting is what I call the critical modern skill you need to take back the truth in a world cluttered with spam, fake digital friends, doctored résumés, massaged numbers, partisan media, ingenious identity thieves and world-class Ponzi schemers. You need it because sophisticated modern technology and the instant nature of contemporary communications have multiplied the opportunities for lying and deception to the point where it is now an epidemic.

When you acquire lie-spotting skills, which I describe in full in my book Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception, you become more confident and more secure. You can detect, handle, counter and even cancel the injurious effects of being on the receiving end of lies and deceit. As you sharpen your analytic skills, you become less tentative and more informed, less speculative and much more confident in your perceptions and judgments. So you become more trusting, not more wary; less suspicious, not more paranoid.

Here are four tips for keeping from being lied to and to catch it when it happens.

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