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Trump’s art of the con

Trump’s art of the con: Expert on lying explains how the GOP frontrunner is getting people to buy his impossible promises “To study the lingo of the con is to study the con itself.” That’s the wisdom of “The Big … Read More

Expert “Lie Spotter” Reveals Telltale Signs Of Deception

Don’t try lying to Pamela Meyer. She’s known internationally as an expert deception detector. Her TED talk on the subject is super popular, and she’s written a book called “Liespotting.” She also runs a company called Calibrate in Washington, D.C. … Read More

Pamela Meyer’s Ted Talk : How to Spot a Liar makes “top 20 most popular talks” list with over twenty million views.

The 20 most popular TED Talks, as of this moment “As 2013 draws to a close, TED is deeply humbled to have posted 1600+ talks, each representing an idea worth spreading. So which ideas have had the most widespread impact? … Read More

Liespotting Ryan Braun

Why you don’t need a labcoat to tell Ryan Braun was doping Though Braun was able to bluff his way past MLB officials for the better part of two years, they clearly suspected something was up. Sometimes those suspicions are … Read More

Generation Win: Has our Drive to Win Replaced Sportmanship?

What do a hard shove in an NBA playoff game, a wayward ball in The Masters golf tournament, and a high school soccer match in Utah have in common? Nike’s new slogan sums it up: Winning Takes Care of Everything. … Read More

SmartBrief features Pamela Meyer’s comments on workplace integrity

Don’t look now, but the person reading this over your shoulder is a liar. So is the barista who just served you coffee. So are you. We’re all liars. In fact, studies have shown that we’re regularly told anywhere from … Read More

Pamela Meyer’s editorial and TED Talk on CNN

A glance at recent headlines indicates just how serious and pervasive deceit and lying are in daily life. Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is busy trading allegations of sexual harassment with several women; each side accuses the other of lying. … Read More

CNN Covers 10 top questions that emerged at TED Global

Meeting for the first time in Edinburgh, TED Global drew 850 people, from 70 countries. Among the other questions raised in talks at the conference… Read More

Pamela Meyer speaks at TED Global

Do gorillas lie?

They have been known to. Koko, the gorilla taught sign language, once blamed her pet kitten for ripping a sink out of the wall, but it’s us humans who are the true masters of the art. According to Pamela Meyer, a social media expert, we are living in a “post-truth society”. Those Facebook friends of yours, for example? Just how real are they? Lying, she says, is the bridge between reality and our fantasies, between who we are and who we want to be.

And it’s a cooperative act. You can only be lied to if you agree to it. Strangers lie three times within the first 10 minutes of meeting. But then again, according to Meyer, married couples lie to each other once in every 10 interaction…

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Stretch-Goal Research from the book Liespotting cited in Harvard Business Review

…..Aside from those three behavioral clues, you should also consider
if the speaker is more likely to lie. You’ll find plenty of new
research on this subject, much of which has been conducted by Pamela
Meyer. For example, she explains that a person who is under pressure
(behind on a project, needing to earn a performance reward, struggling
to meet quarterly expectations) is more apt to stretch the truth than
someone who is not… Read More