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Seven Big Lies About Lying – Huffington Post

If Edith Wharton lived in the Age of Innocence, surely we now live in the Age of Deception…. Read More

5 Must-Read Books by TED Global 2011 Speakers

Liespotting included on list! Last week, TED revealed next month’s TED Global speakers and I was delighted to find, as always, some of my favorite thinkers, writers, and doers on the list. Here are five fantastic books by some of … Read More

Wary Investors Turn to Lie Pro’s

When screening a fund manager, investors like to see experience and a consistent record or returns. Elizabeth Prial, however, looks for dilated pupils and uneven breathing.Ms. Prial, a psychologist and former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, has spent most of her career looking for lies in the statements of mafia hitmen and terrorists. Now, she is on the hunt for the next Bernard Madoff, selling her deception-detection skills to institutional investors and others with large pools of money who want to know if prospective fund managers are telling the truth. Read More

Liespotting featured in Finance News

Is a Business Lying? 5 Ways You Can Tell
…That’s the advice of Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting. “Know your subject’s laugh, posture, fidget patterns, so that when he or she veers from his norm on a hard question, you take note,” she advises. Research has shown that someone who… Read More

Split Magazine features Liespotting

…Author Pamela Meyer, a certified fraud examiner, is no dummy. With an MBA from Harvard, she shares her lie-spotting tools, which include analyzing facial expression, body posture, intonation and inflection… Read More

Business Week excerpts Liespotting Negotiation Chapter

When negotiating any business deal, the right preparation on your part can diminish the chances the other party will try to deceive you, according to the following excerpt from Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception. Read More

Pamela Meyer profiled in Harvard Business School Newsaper

Jyoti Mishra kicks off her new column, Alumni Perspective, with a chat about Liespotting, how Harvard Business School has changed, and some advice for new graduates. Read More

Pamela Meyer on KNEWS

Pamela Meyer describes myths about deception, discusses how to introduce kids to trust building and truth seeking, and outlines the BASIC method for getting to the truth. Read More

Pamela Meyer interviewed on AOL’s

…Don’t worry, I don’t go around interrogating wise-guys, terrorists or insurance salesmen… Read More

Four Tips on Liespotting Featured on

Lie-spotting is what I call the critical modern skill you need to take back the truth in a world cluttered with spam, fake digital friends, doctored résumés, massaged numbers, partisan media, ingenious identity thieves and world-class Ponzi schemers. You need it because sophisticated modern technology and the instant nature of contemporary communications have multiplied the opportunities for lying and deception to the point where it is now an epidemic. Read More