BusinessBrief reviews Liespotting

…a fascinating spotlight on human behavior… Read More

HR Morning gives Liespotting a “thumbs up” for HR Pro’s.

…Meyer has gathered a vast body of research into a single volume that’s designed to help business leaders and the folks who work with them to ferret out deception in the workplace… Read More

Newtown Bee lists Liespotting on its Great Beach Reads List

Along with Anna Quindlen’s Every Last One, and Jonathan Tropper’s This is Where I Leave YouLiespotting got a thumbs up for that last beach weekend reading list: ” …she shows just how much deception is part not only of our humanity, but of the interrelationships of other species, as well….Read More

Texas Lawyer gives Liespotting thumbs up!

…Liespotting” is a well written and useful book. Ferreting out the truth is not always easy. The world is full of deceit. Yet it is valuable not just to be able to spot the deceivers but also the truth tellers… Read More Interviews Pamela Meyer

…a quick and fascinating read. It is full of practical tips and useful advice for your personal and professional life. If you are a single woman who Internet-dates, this book is a must. If you own a business or work in one where negotiating is part of your job, this is a must-read. Read More

Tips from a professional lie spotter – Reviews Liespotting

Pamela Meyer knows all about liars: she is a certified fraud examiner. In her new book Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception, she explains that learning to identify a lie has many benefits. You’ll be better able to build a loyal inner circle of colleagues. You’ll know when your teenager is telling the truth. You’ll pick a real estate agent you can trust. Read More

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (and Don’t Lie) – Reviews Liespotting

Linking facial recognition training, interrogation training and other research into deception, Meyer provides plenty of tips for thwarting fibbers in the world of business — a skill that can prove especially powerful during job interviews or annual performance reviews. Fortunately, the
everyone-lies gist of the book is balanced by a final segment discussing how to build trust among co-workers and peers.
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Washington Examiner reviews Pamela Meyer’s talk

It was SRO one night recently at the downtown Barnes and Noble on 12th when certified fraud examiner Pamela Meyer spoke about her new book, Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception, and gave the crowd of about 60 persons tips on spotting liars…Read More

AOL’s Asylum reporter gives Liespotting a fantastic review, and tries some techniques on his ex-girlfriend

“‘Liespotting’ Book Sharpens Your BS Detector Skills”: To counter the current deception epidemic, author Pamela Meyer pulled from psychology and law-enforcement interrogation techniques to synthesize some practical Liespotting tips. Asylum writer Michael B. Dougherty puts these techniques to work, determining deceit among a brand manager at a business dinner, his ex-girlfriend and even a few players at the World Cup. Read More

WashingtonCityPaper writer wishes he had a copy of Liespotting at the Bellagio tables

City Paper writer Justin Moyer dubs Liespotting one of five books he’d read; in fact he laments not having a copy when he got run off the tables at the Bellagio by a player with a mere King high. Read More