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Liespotting Lance Armstrong Part 2: Expert Analysis

CIA Veteran Regretfully Suggests Lance Armstrong is Lying: We asked Liespotters worldwide to comment on this video clip of Lance denying use of unauthorized substances. The team at was very impressed with the response from readers. But Phil Houston, expert deception detector takes it much further. He says Lance displays over 25 deceptive indicators in just a few minutes. Take another look at the video, then read Phil’s fascinating analysis. Read More

Liespotting Lance Armstrong – Part 1: Reader Challenge

Lance Armstrong hit the news again today with reports that he may have been involved in witness tampering. An ongoing investigation regarding doping charges have plagued him for the last year. What do you think? We will ask Qverity deception detection expert Phil Houston, to look at the video below as well ..but first lets hear from you.  Do you think Lance is lying? Can you name the indicators of deceptive or truthful behavior that he exhibits in the video below?   Post your coments here – In a few days we will ask our friends at Qverity to provide their analysis . Can you find what a Master Liespotter finds? We’d love to hear from you. Read More